Man in a Suitcase (kinkyhobbit) wrote in domism,
Man in a Suitcase

And so it came to pass....

...that the Great God Dom embarked on a Mystical Journey.

In the manner of other Wise Sages who have embarked on Mystical Journeys, the Great God Dom took only His Loyal Companion, Trevor the Magic Chicken (for it could travel through time and gave wise counsel, unlike ordinary chickens). The Great God Dom had bestowed the name Trevor, for in His Wisdom He decided that Trevor seemed a Good Name for a Magic Chicken.

Trevor flapped his wings and a Great Whirlwind surrounded them, lifting them speedily into the Air and up into the Starry Void. They flew at speed, though only a light breeze brushed their faces. The Great God Dom considered allowing His tongue to flap in the breeze in the manner of a dog, for this is fun, but then wisely decided that it was a slightly Undignified Thing for a Great God to do, and might not make a Good Impression.

They descended quickly and landed lightly in snow.

"Where are we, Great God Dom?" asked Trevor. For while Trevor has the Power to Travel through Space and Time, the destination is at the Will of the Great God Dom.

"You will see," replied the Great God Dom enigmatically.

Before them stood an Enormous Statue. It was of a Man, red-skinned with an enormous white beard, with a smartly matching laurel and waistband of green leaves. The Man bore a slightly sad expression, possibly connected to his apparent lack of genitalia.

"Ah!" said Trevor. "Lapland, more correctly known as Sapmi."

"This is where Santa Claus lives," replied the Great God Dom.

The Great God Dom picked up Trevor and they crunched through the snow towards some Mountains. They trekked through the Mountains for three days, coming upon a low, gaily-painted building.

From the silence punctuated only by crunching snow and win, they entered the building to see swarms of Little People building, wrapping and piling up Mysterious Packages.

"What is our purpose here?" asked Trevor.

"I undertake this Journey at this time each year," replied the Great God Dom. "Thankfully, you make it much easier!"

"Happy to be of service," nodded Trevor. "But why?"

Before the Great God Dom could reply, an enormous Man in red pants and a dirty singlet stomped over, brandishing a club.

"AAAAAAARRRRGHHH- oh, it's you!"

And with that he swept the Great God Dom up in an enormous bear hug.

"I say!" said Trevor, quite shocked.

The Man put the Great God Dom down. "What is your Wish this year, oh Great God Dom?" asked the Man.

"The usual. World peace."

"And as usual, I can't do that one. Tried many times. What else would you like?"

The Great God Dom whispered in the Man's ear. The Man nodded.

"I see. What colour?"

"Blue I think."

The Man smiled. "Of course! And now, we feast! Elves! Food! Drink! Now!"

And with that they entered a room with a Large Table which was quickly covered with platters of the most incredible food Trevor had ever seen.

Thankfully, Trevor sighed to himself, there was no roast chicken.

The End.
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