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Words of gravity

Brothers and sisters in Dom, I bid you gather round for I have words of gentle counsel which it may disturb some to hear, yet recent events have proven that they need to be said.

While Dom is our spiritual leader, and has graced us with the joy of His presence and His work, yet he too is entitled to his privacy as is any one of us. He should be able to answer His Telephone or open His Hotel Room Door without finding any of His followers have taken their role too literally and physically followed Him. Remember that any human being, even those possessed of Godlike Domness, should not have to suffer complete strangers invading their privacy in such a way.

As High Priestess, I exhort you all to think carefully, should you ever encounter Him, about making that encounter pleasant rather than unpleasant, respectful rather than rude. It would be better that he remembers his followers fondly rather than wishing they would go away, or else He will no longer grace us with His presence. He has given us so much; please remember not to make His life more difficult.
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