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hail to thee, mine sisteren and bretheren in all Things Dom. *genuflects*

I bring thee tidings of inspiration of the Divine Sort. And lo it came to pass that bri_zee was inspired by the weekly occurance of Froday, that is, the Sabbath dedicated to Elijah of the Wood, to suggest that Teh Lord Our Dom also have a Sabbath Day dedicated to Him. Forthwith, boobie_tassels spreadeth the wordeth of this Divinely Inpspired Thingy, and lo, I spreadeth it forthwith to You, Fellow Domists:


Dixitque deus: Fiat pixspams. Et facta est pixspams. Et vidit deus pixspamem quod esset bona.*

*and the lord said: let there be picspams. and picspam there was. and the lord saw the picspam and proclaimed it good.
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